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Checking Eligibility And Benefits

Checking Eligibility And Benefits

The most frequent difficulty at the front desk is determining eligibility accurately in real-time during the visit with the patient. We have found that most FD employees are not fully trained to check patients’ eligibility while they are still in the clinic. Turnover at the front desk is high so practices end up hiring new employees at the front desk quite often.
We at RhinoMDs offer essential services that are necessary for a medical practice to produce stable and consistent income by accurately taking the Eligibility & benefits which helps in reducing claim denials and rejections.


Improved Claim Acceptance Rates with Insurance Eligibility Verification

When the insurance information is correct up front, the claim isn’t rejected later. Checking eligibility upfront improves your first-pass acceptance rates and decreases your days in A/R, which results in getting claims paid sooner for your services. On top of that, your chances of collecting outstanding patient balances goes down with each passing day, so the sooner you can collect from their insurance and bill them for their balance, the more likely it is you’ll be paid. Finally, you won’t be spending time and effort (and money) resubmitting rejections.


First Pass Rate

100 %

Client Satisfaction

Up To 20 %

Cost Reduction


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