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Credentialing And Enrollment

Credentialing And Enrollment

Provider credentialing, the process of getting a physician or a provider affiliated with payers, is a critical step in the revenue cycle. The process enables patients to utilize their insurance cards to pay for medical services consumed and enables the provider to get reimbursed for the medical services provided.  Therefore, it is important for healthcare providers to get enrolled and credentialed with maximum payers so that patients can use their insurance plans in your practice – failing to do so will result in the patient looking for competing providers who are enrolled with the health insurance companies they are subscribed to. We have competent and experienced credentialing professionals who ensure that credentialing gets done in time without any deficiency in the application.


Benefits of Enrollment:
To increase patient traffic and maximize the revenue

1) Get faster payment as compared to Out of Network Providers
2) Keep your data up to date with payers
3) Solid relation with payer and provider
4) Decrease revenue leakage
5) Electronic Funds Transfer
6) Permanent patients


First Pass Rate

100 %

Client Satisfaction

Up To 20 %

Cost Reduction


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