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Medical Billing & Coding Services

Medical Billing & Coding services

Many healthcare facilities and small clinic loss their revenue just because they do not have proper billing teams and protocols, by doing in house billing Providers faced many difficulties, In order to provide healthcare services in the United States, providers must be compensated for the time they spend evaluating, diagnosing, treating, and following up with patients. RhinoMDs offers comprehensive medical billing services. RhinoMDs works as a financial company for medical facilities in the United States. We have certified and experienced staff who work on the medical billing process for medical facilities, so those facilities receive the payment time without any delay.


According to AHIMA, accurate and thorough clinical recording is essential for medical billing and coding during patient contact. “Do not code it or bill for it if it is not documented in the medical record,” is the cardinal rule of billing and coding in the healthcare industry. Suppose providers try to charge payers and patients for services that were wrongly recorded in the medical record or were not included in the patient’s data at the time. In that case, they may also be subject to a healthcare fraud or liability inquiry.

A professional medical coder examines and evaluates clinical data after a patient leaves the healthcare Facility/Clinic to link services with billing codes relating to a diagnosis, procedure, fee, and professional and/or facility code.

Our (CPC-CBP) Certified coder with multiple specialty experience perform the best coding services in the industry, they are updated with new guidelines in the industry, 


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