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Referrals & Authorization

Referrals & Authorization

Our experienced team specializes in managing referrals and authorizations, ensuring streamlined access to essential healthcare services. Trained extensively, they excel in creating PCP referrals and obtaining Prior/Retro Authorization for claims, navigating complex processes with ease.With meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive knowledge of insurance protocols, our team advocates for patients’ needs, expediting the authorization process and minimizing delays in treatment. Whether it’s coordinating with primary care providers or liaising with insurance companies, we prioritize efficiency and patient satisfaction at every step.By leveraging our expertise, healthcare providers can trust in our ability to facilitate timely access to care, optimize administrative workflows, and enhance the overall patient experience. With our Referrals & Authorization service, patients can navigate the healthcare system with confidence, knowing their access to essential services is in capable hands.


Our Referrals & Authorization service offers comprehensive support to ensure patients receive timely access to essential healthcare services. Key components of our service include:

  1. Expert Handling: Our experienced team specializes in managing referrals and authorizations, equipped with extensive training and knowledge to navigate complex processes efficiently.

  2. PCP Referrals: We excel in creating referrals from primary care providers (PCPs), facilitating access to specialist care and diagnostic services as needed.

  3. Prior/Retro Authorization: Our team is adept at obtaining Prior Authorization for planned procedures and Retro Authorization for previously completed services, advocating for patients’ needs and minimizing delays in treatment.

  4. Efficient Coordination: We streamline communication and coordination between healthcare providers and insurance companies, ensuring seamless authorization processes and minimizing administrative burdens.

  5. Patient-Centric Approach: With a focus on patient satisfaction and timely access to care, our service prioritizes advocacy and efficiency at every step.

By leveraging our Referrals & Authorization service, healthcare providers can optimize patient care, streamline administrative processes, and enhance overall healthcare outcomes.


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100 %

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Up To 20 %

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