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Our Services

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Health Plan Enrollment

We ensure that all health care providers we work with are up to date in not only their certifications but also licensing, CAQH, health documents, and much more. We help providers enroll and stay up to date in being with their desired Insurance networks.

Patient Registration

RhinoMDs has a team dedicated to patient enrollment. We’ve stream-lined the process so that it doesn’t require vast amounts of communication between patients and a “to-be” provider. Keeping a list of active patients.

Practical Scheduling

In today’s world people are always on the run and need everything at their fingertips. With our scheduling abilities, we can maintain a conducive workflow for health care providers and our patients Keeping a clean and organized schedule of appointments and quickly accommodating Cancellations or those who don’t show up.

Appointment Reminders

Helping to keep the world at their fingertips, we can give patients effective reminders of their appointments. This helps patients not only remember their appointment but brings them in earlier. Keeping your facility busy and minimizing your downtime.

Data Entry

Having to continuously enter medical data into your system is quite tiring and repetitive when you’ve seen patients all day. Here at RhinoMDs we extend our services to you, helping to input the medical data for you. Having a strong team that is dedicated to ensuring that EOBs, Charge Entry and even Demographic Entry is recorded and correct.

Benefits Verification

Patients being ineligible for services is the most disruptive part of your Cash Flow. When we’ve stream-lined our process to maximize your productivity only for a patient to not be eligible for their benefits due to a modified plan or even having that plan being terminated, it hurts your efforts. Here at RhinoMDs, we have the capability to dramatically decrease these inconveniences. Having a team dedicated to ensuring the patients we work with are always eligible for benefits and tracking the daily progress. This helps to keep ineligibility claims to a minimum.


We can help with any authorization for insurance companies, bringing your time dedicated to calls to an all time low. Our agents are able to call insurance companies on your behalf, keeping your time wasted on phone calls to a minimum. Additionally, we are able to help fulfill all requests to be authorized by an insurance company. Communicating effectively with health care providers to ensure all documentation is correct and presentable. .

Our Services

Explore Our Main Service

Health Plan Enrollment

We ensure healthcare providers stay current with certifications, licensing, CAQH, and health documents for seamless insurance network enrollment.

Patient Registration

RhinoMDs has a dedicated team for patient enrollment, streamlining the process to minimize communication, and maintaining a list of active patients.

Practical Scheduling

We streamline scheduling for providers and patients, ensuring efficiency and prompt handling of cancellations and no-shows in our system.

Appointment Reminders

We provide effective appointment reminders, ensuring patients stay on track and arrive promptly, keeping your facility busy and reducing downtime.

Data Entry

RhinoMDs helps by inputting medical data, including EOBs, Charge Entry, and Demographic Entry, ensuring accuracy and relieving providers' burdens.

Benefits Verification

RhinoMDs minimizes disruptions by ensuring patient benefit eligibility, tracking progress daily, and reducing ineligibility claims through dedicated efforts.


We handle insurance authorizations, reducing your call time. Our agents ensure accurate documentation, minimizing administrative burden for healthcare providers

Medical Billing & Coding Services

Comprehensive medical billing and coding services, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and compliance for healthcare providers. Streamlining administrative tasks effectively.

Financial Clearance

Streamlined financial clearance services verify patient eligibility and insurance authorization efficiently, minimizing delays and streamlining administrative processes.

Credentialing And Enrolment

Ensure compliance with insurance networks through efficient provider enrollment. Streamline administrative processes with credentialing and enrollment services.

Customized Reporting

Tailored reporting solutions provide insightful data, empowering informed decisions and enhancing operational efficiency for your organization.

Selection Of Medical Billing Software

Choose the ideal medical billing software tailored to your needs, streamlining processes and optimizing revenue management efficiently.

Checking Eligibility And Benefits

Efficiently verify patient eligibility and benefits, ensuring accurate billing and reducing administrative burdens with streamlined eligibility checking services.

Patient SCHEDULING & PRE-Registration

Streamline patient scheduling and pre-registration processes, enhancing efficiency and improving patient experience with our tailored solutions.

Account Receivable & Denial Management

Efficiently manage accounts receivable and denials, maximizing revenue and minimizing administrative burdens with streamlined denial management solutions.

Our Services

Explore our main services

Billing & Coding

Certified Team of billers and Coders ensures that your claims are coded and billed to the insurances in a timely manner with accuracy. We have 98% success ratio in getting the claims paid in first attempt.

Credentialling & Enrollments

Credentialling and Enrollments is the core of billing. Our credentialling team helps the client to get credentialled with all Government and private insurances. EFT/EDI/ERA Agreements are provider at no extra cost.

Account Receivables & Denial Managment

Smooth Cash flows are important for every organization. Our trained AR Team effectively follows up on claims to ensure that no revenue gets lost.

Customized Reports

Our standard and Customized reports provide an overview for the practice. We provide practice insights with weekly and monthly reports for client satisfaction.

Patient Statements

Patient balance will not be an issue anymore. Our trained staff will manage the patient bills and make sure that patient balance is collected in a timely fashion.

Referrals & Authorization

Our team has vast experience in handling referrals and authorizations. They are trained in creating PCP's referrals or Prior/Retro Authorization of claims.

Eligibility Verification

Eligibility Verifications is the prime concern for any practice. Our trained team has experience in managing different insurances portals and calls for eligibility concerns.

Virtual Assistance

We provide a trained individual according to our provide needs. They will be available 24/7 for the providers for any sort of queries. Virtual assistance will keep you posted about your practice.


We deal in Affidavits/LOP's for you. Legal request team will manage your Affidavits according to the rules and regulations of the state.

Software installation and Support

We also help our clients in setting up different softwares and provides fair assessment of various features in them.

What We Do

IT services

Our quality IT services combined with our billing services enables our clients to expand and give quality healthcare services to the community.

Website Development & Management

Website development and management is main source of information for any business. Our IT team is capable of creating an attractive website for your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization team will enhance the potential client's footfall on your website. SEO team are skilled in uplifting the ranking of your website.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media platforms are best in growing any buisness. Our Marketing team will manage your social media platforms which in turn will produce more buisness.


Blogging is a great source of spreading information about your services. Our Content writers, experienced in the healthcare industry, are expert in attracting public by their valuable content.


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