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Virtual Assistance

Our Virtual Assistance service stands as a cornerstone of our commitment to exceptional patient care. Rhino MD’s assigns dedicated professionals to alleviate your administrative burdens, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced patient satisfaction.With a range of responsibilities, our trained professionals manage patient calls, both inbound and outbound, providing attentive support and addressing inquiries effectively. They oversee patient scheduling, ensuring appointments are efficiently managed and patient needs are prioritized. Appointment reminders are dispatched via call or text message, minimizing no-shows and optimizing clinic efficiency.Additionally, our virtual assistants handle registration packages, assist with provider-related queries, and provide real-time updates on patient balances, ensuring transparency and financial clarity.Rhino MD’s Virtual Assistance service, healthcare providers can focus on delivering quality care, knowing that their administrative tasks are in capable hands, promoting operational efficiency and fostering positive patient experiences.


Our Virtual Assistance service offers tailored support to healthcare providers, optimizing operations and enhancing patient satisfaction. Key components of our service include:

  1. Dedicated Professionals: We assign trained professionals to manage administrative tasks, alleviating providers’ workload and ensuring seamless operations.

  2. Comprehensive Responsibilities: Our virtual assistants handle a range of responsibilities, including patient calls, scheduling, appointment reminders, registration packages, provider queries, and real-time updates on patient balances.

  3. Patient-Centric Approach: With a focus on patient satisfaction, our virtual assistants prioritize patient needs, ensuring timely communication and support throughout the care journey.

  4. Operational Efficiency: By streamlining administrative tasks, our service promotes operational efficiency, allowing providers to focus on delivering quality care.

  5. Enhanced Provider Experience: With Rhino MD’s Virtual Assistance service, healthcare providers experience improved workflow management, reduced administrative burdens, and increased capacity to focus on patient care, ultimately enhancing the overall provider experience.

Through our Virtual Assistance service, healthcare providers can optimize their operations, improve patient satisfaction, and achieve greater efficiency in delivering quality care.


First Pass Rate

100 %

Client Satisfaction

Up To 20 %

Cost Reduction


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